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We are constantly doing some beta test on a new Linux product or Open Source product or working on new coding. We want you to be there as we try out these new products and give you our opinion. Of course, you may not always agree with us, so we very pleased to hear your opinion on the various products or coding.

Of course, not only will you hear about new products on the market, but you will also hear our thoughts on older Linux operating systems and all the upgrades or intergrating that can be done to improve your own network.

Our team may even hire new individuals and if so, you will find their new linux (1)information here. You may find that we are looking for experts in a specific field and would love to receive your application. You may not believe there will be much company news, but you do not know us at all. Each one of us has something to say and want to share it with other Linux fans.

If you are Linux fan, and you want to stay up to date with our team, then you need to bookmark this page. Remember, we are always on the look out for a new product or new coding so we can try it out or even tear it apart and find any flaws or bugs. Finding bugs are one of our favorite things to find as then we can work on getting rid of these bugs so the code works as it was designed to work.

Yes, we Linux nerds, but if you are here then you must love Linux as much as us, so get to know more about what we think about the new products and how they can be integrated into older systems.