Cost Effective Linux Services

Q-Linux provides not only cost effective but also very efficient Open Source Software services to your own company along with remotely through our secured network.

The most popular services we offer include:

Data protection

Q-Linux has a core capability in establishing Open Source based backup server answers to protect and defend a network of assorted workstations, laptops, and servers.

Open Source Software based Information Technology infrastructure

Open Source Software which does include Linux allows organizations with a huge cost effective option that have the desire to create a new infrastructure osi_keyhole_300X300_90ppi_0meaning web services, file services, and emails, to name a few. Our team is experts at installing as well as customizing the services that are needed by businesses (small or large) as well as organization. We can work with the system you have in place and integrate your system into an innovative efficient environment that will meet your requirements.

Custom Hardware

We understand that every company is different and the importance of providing the proper Linux hardware that will meet your exact requirements and stay within your budget. We can work within your budget and still ensure you receive custom desktops and servers that you need.

Linux Desktop Installation along with Dual Boot

Linux has transformed and is no longer just an operating system designed specifically for servers; but now offers organizations and businesses the possibilities that come from using them on desktops. We create several Linux desktops all the time for our clients. We are experts in creating the environment that your business needs that will meet all of your requirements.

Image Management Automation

If you happen to work with a large number of images such as for catalogs or for flyers, etc… we can reduce your cost of managing all these images. We can even ensure they are stored in a database driven infrastructure using Linux platforms.